#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

#NPATEK What an exciting day! A package has come in to school that explains that we are going on an adventure. It has asked us to research great adventurers, decide what a great adventurer would wear, what they would have in their backpack and where would they go. It also talked about Africa and asked us to find out about the animals and wildlife that live there. So come on then – tell us what you have found out and let the Adventure begin!

Please start your response with #NPATEK so that others can follow your journey!

27 thoughts on “#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

  1. Yesterday there was a parershoot with a backpack in our school tree with objects in the backpack there was a note stachoos of monkeys a rope a cup and 2 maps with a diary with some bunuklers and a torch the parershoot might belong to a girl and might of crashed in our school tree with the bag atached to it.

  2. Yesterday we had a practice fire alarm Mr ofed and mr bushel notest something in the tree. They tried to get it of but they did not know what it was. When they got it down we went in the hall to see inside it. Inside it was Lods of things we did not know whose it was.

  3. Yesterday it was a wird day someone sent us some aidvencher citt and it was super wird. And i was surprised and Sverd Because it cold of bin b and d.it was spooky. And If you what to know what was in the pacing some maps and a comfy cup with parit shoots and a diary book and a marshan figyer and vins and a spooky measig with a ropes it was a miracle of my life I was a bit fret out in a minit I was scerd

  4. On Monday afternoon the fire alarm went on and everybdy came out side. We first did the register and we all discovered a strang mischeef parcel got stuck in our tree.

    • On Monday afternoon are fire alarm went off and we had to get outside we did the register and we rillsed there was something in the tree it was a parcel it was a message and at the end there was some African writing.

  5. Yesterday something landed in are tree it was a parshot with a rucksack so we Brot it inside and we opend it there was a letter it sed to go on an advencher in a jungle. In the bag there was thre monkeys and a rope.

    Yesterday there was a parshot it was in a tree so we took it into the hole and we looked what was inside it there were three monkeys and a jurmal and males
    Mapes it was really exiting.

  6. We went outside we saw a bag hanging in the tree. Mr Orford brought the bag in I to the hall. We opened it inside monkeys and a letter .there was a diary we don’t no who it belongs to.

  7. yesterday we went outside to go and look at what is going on outside.And we saw Mr bushel and Mr oford tring to take what fell on our tree outside and it was something that we did not know what was inside and we opend it and there was a letter and we read it.

  8. We wet to outside because wos a fire alm in the school but is ist fire in the School . But the teachers went up there was a bag in the tree.

  9. On Monday we had servingk in are tyree by the garte.We bout pit in side to see what it was there was three munkyes what was difrunt,there was orso bnoklus mite by yoos for seeing fings what are in the distunst,there was a letter what sed dear lings primary I have a mishun for you.there was orso a mug and a direy they might be yoost for riting what we see and drink.We think it is from owenza

  10. We went outside the fire alarm went off. The bag dropped down.Then we took the bag inside. We looked inside it had a diary but we don’t known who it belongs too.

  11. yesterday there was a fire alarm we Hatto go out side all the teachers went up the hill and mr order told Mrs hodges that the parershoot was in a tree we went in the hall and looked in the backpack and there was 2 maps and a diary and a rope a stachoo of a monkey bonoklers. Also a torch and a cup.with a letter and we called Mr wolmarans so he calld read the rest of the letter but it was in a diffrant langwig and we coulnt understand him because it cept breaking up.

    • Yesterday there was a pack edge on aparashoot on a tree it had a telescope and two different maps. There was a diary and a backpack. And benokelers.

  12. We fow a bag we opened the bag Inside the bag was a cup and 3monkeys. and 2maps. and a light . The letter said we are going on an adventure.we didn’t open the diary. We also found a rope

  13. we fawd a backpack in Is was tow maps and three moneys and a woch and a direy and its was from afika. We’re we go to a adventure.

  14. Yarstaday we sar a packeg on a tree their was 3 mokys and a rope ivn a vine their was a wich ivn we had a ar vechr it was dagtr we was skerd thir w as anmals in the noo nihted kidem vin wisnton favol had it

  15. We went outside as the fire alarm went off. we go outside there was a bag in a tree and we went in the hall and we open a bag we have a reed a hole writing. Africa we will go to anadventure.

  16. We hade a leter. For. Subid. In side the bag. Ther. Wise a cas and a leter with it in side ther. Wos a lit telson I wos serd in Side

  17. Yestday there was a bag . It had a lot of things in it there was a map a parshoot a micr skop a light a book a cup vniles

  18. A Lette cam and sed get ready for a scary Avecu and in the dag thar woos a telescop and models litte and a message. A map cam and we face timed Mr Wolmarans.

  19. A bag came to school that said we were going to have a scary adventure. In the bag there was a telescope, map, a light and a message. We face timed Mr Wolmarams.

  20. Yestday wey sor a pacij in a trey.wey to it in sure.wey loft in suyd ther was a map,three minces.weyred a pes of Papua .I find it cumd buy Africa.

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