MISSION 4 – Owensa animation


So young explorers. Show us an animation of an explorer using 2animate on purplemash. Once you have created the animation then just post it up.

If you need help then just ask!


4 thoughts on “MISSION 4 – Owensa animation

  1. We got a bag and a parshoot it was in the tree by the gate we brort it in side. We oponed it and saw what was in side there was 2 maps,three muncky/s,binoculars,telerscop,a leter. The leter told us to go on a mishon but we didont no why I whant to no if you do if you do coment back

  2. Yesterday there was a mysterious parachute with a backpack the backpack had some objects which were 2 maps a telescope binoculars statues of 3 monkeys a torch and also a letter that said someone needed help. After we saw the parachute
    we went in the assembly and mr orford and mr bushell got it out of the tree and took it in assembly and there was also a dairy.

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