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Agents of Shield here is your next mission.

In this mission you will learn how to:

  • Play a game and decide what is good or bad.
  • Design a game map.
  • Design a way of scoring points.
  • Design ‘baddies’ to take points away.

To do well in the mission you need to:

  • Log on to purplemash – www.purplemash.co.uk/sch/lings
  • Go to 2DIY 3D.
  • Play some of the games made by other schools. PASS
  • Design your own game board. SILVER
  • Put some apples on the game board to score points. GOLD
  • Put some ‘baddies’ on the game board to take points away. GOLD STAR

Good luck agents!



28 thoughts on “MISSION 2 – GAME DESIGN

  1. I made my game and I lost at first but then I won.I got a bit scared because of the sound of the monster it sounded like lightening

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