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Welcome year 2 to our book review page. I want you to write reviews of the best books that you have ever read. Blog the name of the book and why you think it is so brilliant. The best review will win a book!

87 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. my favourite book is jack and the bean stock
    because i like it when jack takes the gold from the giant and when the giant falls down the bean stock

  2. My favourite book is Jack and the Beanstock
    because i like it when jack takes the gold from the giant and when the giant falls down the Beanstock.It is a brilliant book because it makes me happy and smile everytime i read it.

  3. My favaroute book I have read is the hobit. becuase it makes me fiel like i,m having a real adventure. Reading books is just like watching 3D movies

  4. Secret Kingdom Sugarsweet bakery.
    Main People.Ellie,Summer and Jasmine.
    By Rosie Banks.
    The story is about three girls that visit Sugarsweet Bakery to watch the baking contest.But soon Queen Malice came to spoil the fun.Can the girls find a way to save the competition and get the silverspun sugar to cure King Merry?


  6. My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpey kid. I like it because it has some Chrsitmas stuff in it. They have a good artist that draws all the pictures.

  7. The Magic finger it is tayel of a girl that want’s everey think you want.I like the book because it hase intresting wurd’s

  8. My faveourite book is Little Miss Muffet because like the bit where the spider scares her!!! My best part is when Little Miss Muffet is eating her curds and whey. I would also like to visit the athour of the book and eat curds and whey.I guess the athour is fabulous writer.

  9. My second favourite book is marvel universe becuase it dosent just have one superhero it has loads like spiderman,iron man,the hulk and wolverine. READING BOOKS HELP YOU!

  10. My favourite book is the hobbit because it realy feels like I am having a real adventure, it is also set out really well. It has a teriffic artist who drew the pictures very well. Reading books helps you and it is like watching 3D movies. Also my second favourite book is marvel universe beause again it is set out really well and it
    does not just have one superhero it has loads like spiderman ,ironman , captainamerica,wolverine,thor,the thing and the incredible hulk with their amazing powers.My third favourite book is ben10 omniverse because ben 10 gets brand new aliens and my favourite alien is feedback because he absorbs alien tech and shoots it at his enemies.My fourth favourite book is sonic because I like him when he runs very fast.My fifth favourite book is batman because i realy like the joker when he shakes hands with someone and electric shocks them also, i like the movie experience and batman defending his world. My sixth favourite book is the green lantern, i like the power rings they have.My last favourite book is horrid henry becuase its very hilarious and horrid henry makes plans and perfect peter finds out the plans and moody margeret is one of henry’s enemies.

  11. We went to the shoe museum my favouite shoe was the elafant shoe because I like elafants and the England shoe because I like England because I go in a pirermid nire tesco and a sensay called so

  12. Yestday I went to the park with my family speed from my mum because she is poley we had lots of fun I went on the big swing it went Riley hiye because my dad posted me it was lots of fun.

  13. I just read the kitten flower book and it was asom it had kittens in it and it had puppies, I dident like the bit when the meen man takes the kittens and puppies and Thay get loked up in a cage and it is skery when the little puppy sings to puppy paws

  14. for the past weeks we have been working on imaginary friends like beekle so far in the story wen beekle is a little bit bord

  15. beekle was. Born in a magical pufy island he came Dow’n a renbo he neva got amagnd so beekle sald away there were dandyish fings alt there were seamonsters and beasts alt in the big wacky. Sea.

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